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Trico Bahrain WLL

Trico Bahrain is in development and investement Middle East and Africain any type of energy or energy resource for which sufficient supply and demand exists and can be traded. These are mainly electricity, CO2 allowences, gas, coal, oil, and water.

Evron Power UK Ltd

Focusing on power generators and turbines, EVRON Power (UK) Limited identifies opportunities, evaluates their merit and potential; assesses the associated risk and designs the specific combination of equipment, technical expertise and administrative structure to make the project possible wherever it may be located.

360 Turbines

360turbines is an Irish company with a passion for all business associated with the power generation industry sourcing gas turbines and matching them with our customer client base requirements. We support a diverse geographical custom based Middle East, India, Asia Pacific and the USA taking a modest comission only if the sale is completed.