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Trico's desalination solutions are powered by AquaSwiss which is based on world's leading thermal desalination technologies.

Our technology and expertise can utilize steam as low as 0.3 bar to build Multi Effect Distillation (MED) plants from sizes of 2000 to 200,000 m3/day and more.

We can achieve Economy Ratios / GOR (also called product to steam ratio) up to 16 with our MED units, at CAPEX which is significantly lower than in comparable industrial applications. We achieved this result through technology evolved with decades of research, intelligent selection of construction materials and optimized fluid and thermo-dynamics.

Our Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) units are CAPEX, electricity efficient and can be delivered in clustered trains of up to 30,000 m3/day and more.

We have advanced pre-treatments such as Nano-Filtration, biological filters and clarifiers coupled with our thermal units to deliver solutions for complex feed-waters such as very high salinities (100,000 ppm), high temperatures and high silica content. Using these solutions we can deliver drinking, agricultural, service or demineralized water from oil & gas produced (formation) water and industrial effluents. We also work with our clients to help them achieve Zero Liquid Discharge. (ZLD).

This expertise, although significant in thermal desalination, is not limited to it. Our engineering and operations teams have several decades of experience in Reverse Osmosis with our unique Pressure & Energy Centre designs, delivering very low energy consuming large scale RO plants.

Trico water solutions are powered by AquaSwiss.