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We help turn environmentally hazardous, disposable waste into usable water for the communities, using low carbon foot print and low chemical consumption technologies.

In all such oil field and industrial cases, AquaSwiss tailors its solutions to the client's specific needs, working closely as a consultant with the client.

oil & gas / petroleum:
Treating formation (produced water) from oil fields
Steam generation for injection in heavy oil reservoirs
Treatment and desalination the water produced after fracking (hydro-fracturing) of tight oil and gas wells
Treatment and desalination of water produced by de-watering of coal bed methane (CBM) reservoirs
mines: concentration of saline mine water
chemical process industries: recovery of effluents with minimum levels of waste discharge
utilities: concentration of blow-downs, brines, regeneration effluents and wastes
pulp & paper: reduction of waste volume to zero discharge
textile: reduction of waste water and minimizing disposal costs
citric acid: concentration of acid solutions